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Kalpana Mishra
I am extremely glad to announce the Annual Report of SGV for the financial Year 2011-12. This year has been a pivotal year of WI (Welfare India), with the implementation of 06 mail projects and important steps to develop in outreach and strength. This was mostly made possible by a committed team of staffs, volunteers and grants, among which some of them were allocated to carry out a revolution in health sector and re-structuring the Bihar's health sector. Government has taken a vow to providehealth facility to the last man of bihar and to success its noble mission we are also adding our little effort. Both Central and State Government have admitted that mal nutrition is a national crisis and to overcome the problem government organisations and non government organisations have to work together.
I would like to thank you all who took part and contributed to these development. I haope that you are encouraged bu the developments that you will start to see and know that your opinion was taken inti account as much as possible. Next to all these activities, our staff managed to train and guide interns and volunteers who committed between one and five days a week and made all these activities possible. All in all the busiest year to date and it shows that Welfare India is growing stronger. This is down to the dedication and commitment of its members, secretariat, staff, Board and friends. Here I would like to extend a huge thank you to you all for your help in building a organisation working for identical social development.
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