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About Welfare India
WELFARE INDIA is a society which was set up under the Society Registration Act, 1860 on 11th of December 1999 for the all-round development of people. The word "WELFARE" means doing well for those in need and when it connects with India, It shows that doing well for the people of India who are really in need, under reached and unreached. Since the day of establishment its work always has been guided by its vision. We believe in a societal mission where citizens come together to ensure that India's unprivileged have a better future.
To Prepare the foundation for the self-determination and self management of the community. Once achieves, we wish to move away from acting as a catalyst in order to proviede guidance and support in a phased manner so that we can ultimately withdraw from the area leaving the community to manage their own affairs.
WELFARE INDIA believes that each and every one is equal and they have all rights to live in the world with human dignity. There should be no room for any kind of discrimination based on gender, caste, religion or region.
To work towards the upliftment and betterment of the deprived people with special emphasis on children and women. To provide them with livelihood opportunities in.
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E-Mail : kalpanawelfareindia@yahoo.in
Website : www.welfareindia.org.in
Helpline No.: +91 6452-230100
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Account Holder Name : Welfare India
Bank Name : Union Bank of India.
Account Number : 540302010000431
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