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The Health commission of the catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) is a sub recipient to Round 6 Global Fund Grants under the Promoting Access to care and treatment (PACT) project, setting up Community Care Centre (CCC) in the states of Gujrat, West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Bihar. The objective of the CCC is to provide treatment of opportunistic infections. to improve drug adherence among people living with HIV (PLHIV) and to integrate care and support services to existing outreach activities and build capacities for community based care. CBCI-HC is currently recruiting a Regional Coordinator for the Regional office at patnawith the Following objectives :
  • To Provide humanizing care considering the dignity of the person and the need os society.
  • To ensure promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care to all, particularly to the poor and the marginalized through their empowerment.
  • To engage in social mobilization of the community by creating awareness on rights, duties and responsibilities related to health issues.
  • To theme for thr program highlights the importance of environmental protection and the need to preserve God's creation as he intended.
WI implementing Community Care Centre (CCC) for those people who are living with HIV/AIDS in Kishanganj, since 20th of January 2009 with the support of CBCI Global Fund
The aim of this Programme:
1. To give proper guidance & treatment to HIV affected people.
2. Foods and medicines are given to HIV/AIDS patient free of cost.
3. Provide emergency services to the patient.
1. Our Outreach workers (ORW) go to field to fint out the HIV/AIDS patient
2. A counselor councils the patient
3. They observe and find out the necessary things to distribute properly.
The goal of this project is to improve the sexual health of FSW living in Katihar district (rural & urban) thereby reducing the incident of HIV moreover this project cast major activities related to peer educators from the targeted community facilitating with direct services, counseling, creation of drop in centres, behavioral communication (BCC), promotion of HIV testing and social marketing of condoms.
Our Organisation has provided a STD clinic in our office campus, P & T Chowk, Barmasia. FSWs are come here to check-up and medicnines. MBBS doctors give their services for the FSWs who are suffering from sexual diseases.
Micro Nutrient Initiative India :
The mortality rate of children under the age of five is 64 % 1,000 live births down from 118 in 1990, 62% of pre-school children are deficient in Vitamin A, leading to an annual 330,000 child deaths, 9% of children under five are affected disease, 58.7% of pregnant women, 63.2% lactating mothers and 69.5% of pre-school children are anemic, and only 71% of households currently consume adequately iodized salt.
MII is working to achieve the following priority objectives :
  • Increase biannual administration of vitamin A syrup to all children 9-59 months in priority states.
  • Expand zinc supplementation along with Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) for the treatment of childhood diarrhea in priority states.
  • Improve production, monitoring and consumption of iodized salt and provide technical support to salt producers.
  • Introduce and promote the use of double fortified salt (DFS), fortified with iodine and iron, especially through programs that target the most vulnerable.
  • Expant iron and folic acid (IFA) programs for preschool children, adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women.
  • Support the Indian flour Fortification Network (IFFN) in advocating for wheat flour Fortification, and continue to host its secretariat.
  • Support the Micronutrient Initiative India Trust's (MII) growth and capacity to implement high-quality micronutrient programs in the country.
MI recently secured new grants to support zinc and ORS programming in india and has sustained advocacy efforts. MI is also providing refresher trainning for health care workers and constant messageing and on going supportive supervision for mothers, caregivers and health care workers.
Vitamin A syurp is now reaching 38% of children aged 9 to 59 months in priority states however, the supply chain needs improvement.
Yet much work remains to be done. more then half of women and children in india are anemic and the current supply of iron folic acid supplements need to be streamlined. Though 26% diarrhea cases in children are treated with ORS, only 0.3% receives zinc supplements.
Welfare India has currently implemented a programme by the financial support of Micro Nutrient Initiative. It is not only the way to make people aware but it also help them understand about the necessity of vitamins to our body and it also help the people to be conscious about their child's health.
Prevention of parents to child transmission
With 27 million pregnancies a year and an overall estimated 0.3% prevalence rate of HIV infection among Pregnant women, it estimated that about 100,000 HIV infected women deliver every year in india.Using a conservative vertical transmission rate of 30%, about 30,000 infants acquire HIV infection each year. The lifespan of a child infected by HIV infection is lower then found in adults. Thus HIV infection may increase e health care expenditure both public and at family level. Increasing number of children infected by HIV have a propensity to alter the mortlality rates Mother to child Transmission (MTCT) is the transmission of HIV virus from mother to child.It is by far the most significant route of transmission of HIV infection in children below the age of 15 years which occurs during pregnancy. during child birth, or breastfeeding.
PPTCT programme has been currently implemented with the financial support of GFATM by Welfare India. The progeamme has been running from 1st January 2011.
The main aim of this project is :
1. To save the children from their HIV/AIDS infected parents.
2. To give proper education and counseling about the disease and its behavior.
The project is running is our different working areas. i.e. Katihar, KIshanganj, and araria districts.
There are 15 ORWs working in each districts.
They go to ICTC and find out the HIV pregnant ladies.
They help them during pregnancy and keep in touch for counseling & guidance.
AIDS Awareness Programme :
HIV/AIDS Prevention Targeted Intervention (TI) Welfare India has been continued Implementing on HIV/AIDS prevention Project targeting 800 female sex worker (FSW) under National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) ant the Bihar state Aids Control Society, Patna (Bihar) concentration on activities for enabling environment where major steps can be taken to prevent HIV/AIDS, STD treatment, Condom promotion, BBC development
Our Contribution :
* Technical & Economical support
* Is also given to those people who are suffering from HIV/AIDS
* Vocational Training given to retired FSW by providing machines and other tailoring equipment free of cost.
* We are still working for the prevention of HIV/AIDS within the bridge population especially for the migrants.
* Formation of self-help group (SHG) for FSW.
* School for 45 FSW's children in red light area.
We are continuously breaking down the pursuing stigma that leads to discrimination amongst the people living with HIV/AIDS and we are making them aware of their humanity and that they should not be treated as untouchable as HIV/AIDS is not spread by touchinh or by speaking.
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