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Welfare India was implemented a programme on livlihood for the communities i.e. SC, ST, and downtrodden section of our society with the esteemed support of Sir DORABJI TATA TRUST, Mumbai. The main implemented blocks are Manihar & Mansahi of Katihar district. The main objective of the project is to provide livestock based livelihood opportunities to the poor and downtrodden people. We are also focusing on tribal women as we see they are illiterate and suffering from economic and social blindness.
The honorable communities mostly beside on the bank of a river where they have to face the problems of flood and drought. This is found that every year people of Katihar is badly affected by the flood especially in Koshi, Mahananda & Ganga river. This makes them unable to cultivate their crops for about 5-6 months. Due to this they have to face being desired due to lack of livlihood substitutes.
The SDDT has given pig, Duck & Goat and trained them about bamboo crafting especially to dalits women as a better substitute to earn with the effort of Welfare India.
Achievements :
Through the pig, Duck & Goat rearing, they earn their income & are gatting free from money lender.
The Bamboo crafts training also engaged them to earn income How they are also feeling self respect.
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