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Over recent years the Indian population has seen rapid growth which has resulted in an ever incerasing number of children in the population. However in 2008 it was calculated that 41.6% of Indians were below the UN defined poverty line of earning Rs. 70 a day, with 27.5% below the poverty line determined by the Indian Government (reference UNDP Human Development Report 2011). With such an alarming level of poverty, families are finding it difficult to provide the growing child population with their basic needs, which is resulting in an ever increasing number of homeless children who are forced to live on the streets. or in squalid accommodation. This issue is further exacerbated in the state of bihar as this is one of the poor states in India. Regarding the tribal population, due to lack of access and inadequate infrastructure, the importance of education to improve their lives is not realized by the parents, unlike those living in cities.
Welfare India (WI) has been running a residential school from couple of years for the children of SC, especially for the "Mushahar" at Mushahar total of banipur village of Manihari block under Katihar district.
Mushahar are the must backward cast among the SC communities.
Under this project 25 children of Mushahar community are being provided with innovative education togather with skill development programe. The objective behind the programme areas follows :
1. Provide them education free of cost
2. Upliftment of the rural poor students and Scheduled caste students.
3. Help rural and urban Scheduled students in education.
The project has been highly appreciated by the cimmunity people and hopefully it would be expected that in the coming months with the high level endeavor of the community.
Schedule Cast is a grouping of historically disadvantaged people that is given express recognition in the Constitution of India.
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